About Me

I love challenges. I love getting into new environments and mastering the course. Best of all, I love teaching it to others. 

A few years ago, I joined a direct sales team, and sold merchandise from my home. In less than a year, I made the top tier of sales, and had built a team of sellers below me. I went to every training event we had, all team meetings, and even launched an online group for my downline. 

The journey was so much fun, and I participated in trade shows, recruitment days and helped manage vendor shows in my city. I would be one of the top names shared in my community when someone asked online, Who sells this product? I met many vendors, and learned all kinds of ways to build my business. 

I learned that I loved the process of building the business and teaching others how to do the same. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes and brainstorming more than anything else, and now I want to share that with you. 

I slowed down my home business after a change in my day job, and I started some new side hustles. I am constantly in learn-mode, and have discovered so many fun ways to build a business. I trust that if you work these steps I am going to give you, you will see the same (or better) success that I enjoyed. 

BendNeverBreak is my dreamchild: it stands for being strong in the eye of a storm; we may bend but we shall never break. Together, I hope to empower women and men in growing your home-based business and experience a new level of success than you ever thought possible.