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7 Questions about R.E. Investing from New Investors

7 Questions new investors forget to ask about Investment Properties (Ontario, Canada)

Real Estate investing is a great idea. Start with a small investment, get a mortgage, and buy a property with plans of building equity from someone else’s money. It seems relatively easy - collect money from tenants, and fix the odd thing here and there.
That’s not the whole picture, though few people find this out before they are waist-deep in the trenches. Here are 7 questions from investors looking to enter the rental game:
**Readers: I am not a lawyer or a registered professional. I write from experience only, and will always recommend that you speak to a professional or expert. **

1.I’m a first-time home buyer, and I want to buy a property to rent out. Since I am a first-timer, I don’t have to pay land transfer tax, right?
Not exactly. If you are a first-time home buyer, the Ontario government does offer a rebate of up to $4,000.00* on land transfer tax, depending on a few factors. One such factor is…

Fear of Failure Is Not An Option

Fear of Failure Is Not An Option

Fear of failure is real. It can hold you back, it can render you unable to make a decision, and it can force you into making decisions that you otherwise wouldn’t make.
We all want to be average, at the very minimum. Being average doesn’t make us stand out, it gives us average things, and helps us keep up with the average Jones’.  We can hide with other average people, and if you do not meet the standard of success, you can rely on being average.
If you set out for success, and you fail, you have placed yourself below average. (In your mind.) This does not need to be the case! It does not make you a loser. What makes a loser is the one who did not go for success because he was afraid of trying.
I am not afraid of failure. I have already failed at so many things, so anything from here is onwards and upwards!
I failed at a business. When I was in my 20’s, I thought I wanted to own and run a property management company with an old friend. We thought it wou…