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Review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Happy Hallowe'en, my friends. I hope everyone had a safe and fun "holiday". 

I have been thinking about what I wish to accomplish with my goals. I want to start expressing a more obvious lesson or hack or hint that I have learned, and not just about my week. As I look back on these entries, I think it will help me find information I am looking for more quickly. (Feedback is great!)

I finally finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I had a few expectations: 1) I thought it would be dry, considering the topic and that I was new to the whole investment/wealth scene, 2) I had heard how this book was a miracle in disguise, and how people read it and quit their day job in order to follow this book, and 3) I had hoped for that a-ha moment as well. 

#1 - I was happily surprised and entertained at how the author used the story from a child's perspective to teach these ideals in layman's terms. While only part of the book is written from a child's perspective, it …

Time flies when you are having fun

Ok, maybe fun isn't the right word. But it's been a busy week or two, and I look forward to updating you on it. 

I made a plan to stop paying bank fees. Part of this plan included the fact I was out of cheques. I know, who uses cheques these days? Me.  
- rent (I always pay by cheque - I have the most control that way, and I have a record of payment)  - parking fee at work (I give post-dated cheques to extend the time between updating my pass and remembering to pay them)  - My Osteopath requires payment by cheque or cash, as does another practitioner I see 
That's just the ones I can think of now. Sometimes I pay by cheque when shopping in the States, and sometimes when I buy products from someone who has a direct sales-type arrangement. And now I am out of cheques. I have the option of spending $60 to get a book of 50, but I have decided that I am changing my banking ways, and I do not want to spend that kind of money on my cheques. 

I decided to not go with Tangerine or PC Fin…

Life as I know it

We all seek it, we all want it. Growth in our money, in our knowledge, in our skills, and in our homes. There's some that is not wanted, granted, but growth usually indicates bigger, and we always want bigger and better. 
This weekend, I paid $1,350 towards my debts. I used up two gift cards that I had been carrying around, and ended up spending $126 at Walmart (hubby's work boots had serious holes where I could tell you what colour his socks were), and other things for the house - dog treats, cat litter, women-y things, etc. I also spent $146 online at my favourite store, and ordered 5-6 dress shirts for work, with the premise that anything that I do not love will go back. Everything was on sale, plus free shipping. Can't go wrong there, since I dress  business/business-casual for work every day. 

This afternoon, I visited with my elderly grandparents. It's tough when one of them looks at you like you are a stranger, and says she doesn't recognize you. She&#…


So I've been giving this blog a lot of thought, and I have decided to streamline things. 
I want to build a side hustle around being able to support people in their sales goals, and I know I have at least a hundred different ways to do it (I have a list), but I think I want it to be separate from here. This is going to be about my life, and the things that I learn as I seek out different venues of how to be the most authentic me. 
2018 is going to be a big change for me. I can see it already. 
My plans: 
Pay off debts (more details on this later)Look into investments - and make a plan for that Go away on vacation to somewhere absolutely new to me Build some kind of side hustle/extra income Self-publish either my 90 day sales planner OR finally create my own planner Make more than $55,000.00 (CAN) in 2018. It's all do-able and I am going to use all of you to make me accountable. I can tell you the nitty gritties and what works and what doesn't. I am hoping to learn more from ot…


In my quest for learning more about bringing abundance, wealth and prosperity into my life, I have heard a few things that have really stuck with me. I wanted to share two of these with you, in hopes that they resonate with you, or maybe you have some to share with me. 

1. Focusing on world disasters made by man fuels the disasters.  

What on earth am I talking about? 

Well, when you think of what you like or don't like, want or don't want, we create a vibration that the universe picks up, right? So, when we hear about crazy dude in that country/state/province/etc doing that thing, and we all talk about how crazy and scary and dumb it is, we are giving it energy. If there is no energy given, then it fades away. 

This stuck with me. In concept, I agree. If there's a tantrum and you give it no attention, usually it will cease. HOWEVER, while I understand that fueling the fire can make more people jump in and act irresponsibly, I am not sure that ignoring or disregarding bad deed…

Choosing a direction and going for it.

My last 10 days have been pretty exciting in my head. I've been planning, re-planning, acting on the plans, revamping plans, and listening to inspirational audios to keep me centered. 

1. I have started (re-started?) meditating again. Every solo chance I get, I listen to a guided meditation on a topic that I am wanting to embrace at that time. Sometimes it's gratitude, sometimes it's morning mindfulness, and other times it might be abundance or body scan, just to remind my body that it's ok to relax. I notice that my days are different when I can start with that, and that weekends tend to throw me off balance. My schedule changes, I am no longer alone in the mornings, and I tend to spend more time online and in stores, and I find that the influence of media and other people changes my mindset. When I can center my thoughts and choose a mantra for the day, I tend to go back to it for at least half the day. When I start the day and allow media and other things to creep in…

Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity

So many things I want to discuss with everyone!  

In the last post, I was commenting on The Secret. Since then, I finished listening to the audio version, and watched the movie. I am working on making my thoughts positive (the universe does not recognize negating words, like don't) and I feel like I am achieving some result. I have tried to make it a priority to stop and compile a gratitude list, and then challenge myself to add a few more. I try to do this when I recognize I am feeling particularly grumpy or down. Sometimes it's a superior at work who pushes my buttons, and sometimes I get carried away with ill-fitting thoughts. I try to recenter myself with gratitude and thankfulness, and review the three key words I am working on: Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity. 

Speaking of wealth, there's a podcast that I have been listening to, and it's great. Two ladies, Cait and Carrie, have a program called Budgets and Cents. I love it. At first, it confused me. The podcast de…